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Dear Michela,

We really enjoyed the MULU tour and have been quite happy that you arranged it, and have not rejected our boys due to their age below 12.

The trip was wonderful and Jarno and Lukas have been the first kids on the pinnacles. They made in in a very short time and have been back faster than us by 45 minutes. Even the guides have been amazed.

Wish you a nice weekend

All the best
Thomas, Kathrin, Jarno and Lukas

Dr. Thomas Hies, 17 April 2010

Hi Wendy,

Yes we have arrival safely with minimum injuries and plenty of worthwhile pain. We do enjoy the event and of course your excellence response and services. As for the photos, pls see attachment sent. As for the feedback, pls see answer in red.

Really nice knowing you and hope to see you again sometime this year. Please keep in touch and drop me mails anytime even for chit chat or anything.

Take care.


Coach Captain Knowledge/Responsibility: Poor / Acceptable / Good / Excellent
Mountain Guide Knowledge/Responsibility: Poor / Acceptable / Good / Excellent
Accommodations: Poor / Acceptable / Good / Excellent
Itinerary Sights: Poor / Acceptable / Good / Excellent
Itinerary Schedule: Poor / Acceptable / Good / Excellent
Meals: Poor / Acceptable / Good / Excellent

Yours truly,
Jerry Ang (your comedy customer)

Jerry Ang, 13 April 2010

Dear Len
cc. Allen

Just a status report now from Sandakan - and 2 photos of your clients!
Our trip is going very well, indeed. Allen can give you a rundown on all our sweat in Maliau. And the one attached photo, taken by ranger Lawrence, shows me removing some of that sweat - after a swim at Maliau Falls. The other is taken by Allen of Anne-Marie and me - and a whole tree of pitcher plants.

By the way, Sandakan has much more charm - for a Westerner - than Tawau. We have enjoyed this afternoon in Sandakan - including scones at the English Tea Garden.

Our transfer by Remli was very pleasant - he gave us alot of local history and nature descriptions. The pick-up by SI tours this morning was also perfect.

And by the way, you have a good man in Allen - he is the perfect host! Attentive and informing.

Probably more later.

Stephen - and Anne-Marie

Stephen and Anne-Marie, 27 February 2010

Dear Ms. Sarah,

TQVM for the prompt reply and the hard work you have done. YOU ARE GREAT! Hoping that this mail will go to your Board of Directors. We do appreciate your fast and good service. KEEP IT UP!!!!

Warm Regards,
Datin Marie

Datin Marie Tan, Malaysia, 27 January 2010

Hi Len,

This is a delayed note to just say thank you for a fantastic trip to Borneo. We absolutely loved it!!! Everything about our trip was good, we loved the guides, they were all brilliant! Thanks also for the pressies, we loved them too!!! A close friend of mine, Margaret Brand, is planning on taking her family to Borneo this year and is very interested to communicate with you. We totally recommended your company, and I have in fact sent her a copy of our brief itinery and your contact details, We assured her you would all look after her. Thanks again for everything.

Jude Bade-Boon

Jude Bade-Boon, 21 January 2010

Dear Michela,

Many thanks for organising our trip which all went very well. We both really enjoyed our tours in Sabah and Sarawak.

You were a great source of advice and organised this all really well. I was also very pleased with the high standard of the guides at Mt Kinabulu, Mulu and Kinabatangan and all the accommodation etc.

Many thanks,

Best wishes,

Mark Aitken, 18 December 2009

Anne and the Mountain Torq Team,

I can't say enough about Anthony and rest of the team that helped me summit Mt. Kinabalu last week. They are amazing professional and expert guides, trainers, ecologists, and truly wonderful human beings. Anthony knows people and knew just what I needed, as well as what the mountain needed as he cleaned up after other hikers who had left wrappers and other trash on the trail.

Be assured that I will be telling all my friends about this experience and the 5 Star treatment that I received all along the way.

I have attached four photos that I think capture the best of the best moments while I was on the mountain. Please pass them (and the compliments) along.


Clint Moore, 05 December 2009

Dear Sarah,

Let me thank you for the wonderful time we had in KK. The tours went without any hitches. We truly enjoyed the sites and also the food. My biggest appreciation would be to Shem, our tour guide. He is an excellent guide and was very helpful to us, most particularly to our 84-yeard old mother. He truly is an asset to your group.

Rest assured that I would recommend you to my friends who are interested in going to KK.

Again, many thanks.

Dr. Cecilia C. Carlos

Dr. Cecilia C. Carlos, 05 December 2009

Dear Michela,

We have just arrived home after a great holiday. We toured Indonesia for another 2 weeks after Sabah. The best part was the Durum valley and Mataking island where we were the only guests on the island for the 3 days (ony 16 guests and all went diving).

Many thanks for the arrangements. If any of my friends want to visit Sabah we will recommend you.

Very best regards

Leonard Schneider, 30 November 2009


Thank you. I received the travel vouchers before I left Abu Dhabi and was able to print them. I'm at my friend's house in Kuala Lumpur now and will be heading off to bed soon. My flight is tomorrow to KK, which I'm very excited about. If I have time, I would like to thank you in person for handling my travel arrangements but I don't know if I'll have time before my return flight to KL on Tuesday. If I don't get the chance to see you in person, thank you so much for all of the help, patience, and advice. You've been great.


Clint Moore, 27 November 2009

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