Here's what our friends have to say...

Hello Michela!

Our group came back – they are very glad!!!everything was ok, very good organized!!

So thank you once again for everything –it was pleasure to cooperate with you!!!

I will be in touch in future!



Anna Kubisz, Poland, 12 August 2011

Hi Nat,

Sorry we have taken so long to thank you for the Photo disc's you sent us. We are very happy with the photo's, lots of good memories for us and lots of memories for my Dad for his time at Tarakan during WW2.

We have been staying up in Queensland, (Coolangatta, southern Gold Coast area). Cliff is still up there, I have flown home to help my daughter, she has just had her third baby, a boy Nathan. I've been looking after Jarrod 6 and Mikayla 4.
I have also been helping my sisters and my Dad.

When I came home I picked up all our mail. Thank you so much for taking the time to send us the photo's.

Tuesday I will be flying back to Coolangatta and Cliff and I will stay up there another 3 weeks and return to Melbourne on 1st Sept.

Hello to Anne and Michela too.

Warm Regards
from Yvonne & Cliff

Yvonne & Cliff, Australia, 08 August 2011

Dear Michela,

We are just sitting waiting at KL airport for our flight back to Australia and thought we would write to thank you once again for your wonderful organising of our trip to Borneo and Sabah. We are quite sad that we are leaving but have many fabulous memories. Everything went perfectly to plan and the whole trip was amazing. Special mention must go to Alan from ABC, Tom from Brunei, Yahyah and Merina from SI Tours and Don from Borneo Global. They all showed their exceptional knowledge as well as a sense of fun to make it really enjoyable for us. We were constantly amazed at how all transfers were on time with no hold ups and all Guides had complete knowledge of our itinerary without us having to re-confirm anything.

A highlight was definitely our trip to Sipadan and we feel honoured and privilidged to have obtained a permit. Thank you so much for organising this for us.

The only possible issue may have been this morning with the taxi transfer from Semporna to Tawau Airport as the driver asked for payment and we handed over 100MYR. Later when checking our itinerary we saw this was included in the cost. No big deal and a story to tell when we get back home.

Again thank you and ABC tours very much. We would not hesitate to use your Company again or recommend you to friends.

Kind regards,
Ruth and John


Ruth and John, Australia, 05 August 2011

Dear Michela

Here we are, back in Canberra, wishing so much we were still in Malaysia.
The weather here is terrible, cold and wet - not more than 2 degrees. Both Katherine and I are back at school today and Mark is having his first day back at work.

I have attached the letter from our ex-PM that Sylvia asked me to forward to her.  Unfortunately, I have mislaid her email address, so I am asking you to do this for me.
Would you be able to send me her email please as we would love to keep in touch.

Natalie was a fabulous guide and we loved having her with us in Sepilok. She took some great photos too and I have attached a couple here for you.

Lankayan was magical - we loved every minute.  We had no problems filling in time - we loved being able to relax in such wonderful surroundings and we found the staff to be very friendly and helpful.   We are definitely going back.

Thank you again for all your help in organising our trip, you were FANTASTIC and all the arrangements ran perfectly with no problems at all.

With kind regards and much love

* letter from our ex-PM

Bisika, Katherine and Mark, Australia, 25 July 2011

Dear Anne,

Thank's à lot for everything! I am now back in Switzerland! We spend a very good time in Sepilok and the Turttle's Island! Just after Sepilok, we climbed  the Mont Kinabalu. Back from the Mont Kinabalu, I wanted to phone you or to come to your agency to say hello, but we didn't have enough time.

We enjoy a lot  our hollydays in Sabah and all you planed was perfect!

My sister Marie-Françoise will fly to Sabah in August. I will send you a medical certificat for her and for my nephew Ciril who is the brother of Yvan.

I hope everything is good for you! All the best!

Dr. Pierre Aellen, Switzerland, 24 July 2011

Daily Express - 9th July 2011

A touching act for orang utan by Aussie girl, 9

KOTA KINABALU: The orang utan's future will be more secured if more young people can emulate nine-year-old Katherine Flint from Canberra, Australia.

It all began back home when she saw an orang utan awareness advertisement on television.

She felt she just had to do something to help the cause.

She even wrote a letter to Australia's former Prime Minister expressing her concern over her country's contribution towards the endangered orang utan protection and rehabilitation campaign.

Not long after mailing that letter, Katherine was delighted to receive a three page reply from the Prime Minister himself, explaining the things that Australia had already been doing for the orang utan conservation programme.

Inspired to do her part, Katherine thought she could raise money for the orang utan through her talent in music.

She went to Australia's capital city busking violin on the street for three months raising a total of AUS$500 (RMl,619).

On Wednesday, in a family vacation Katherine together with her parents, Mark Duncan and Bisika Maria, arrived here from Perth before making their way straight to the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan.

In Sepilok, Katherine handed over the money that she had been raising for the last three months in the hope that she too can do her part and contribute to the welfare and the training programme of orphan orang utan at the centre.

Moved by her effort and passion, Sylvia Alsisto, the person in charge of the centre arranged a rare visit especially for Katherine and her parents to Sepilok's Nursery as an appreciation for her thoughtful act.

There, Katherine was briefed on the various stages of training an orang utan has to progress before being released back into the wild.

She was also told about the stories of each of the orphan orang utan in the nursery and almost immediately Katherine's heart was captured by Bella, a three-year-old, which she was told was sent to Sepilok by an oil palm plantation worker, and gladly adopted her.

Katherine was also lost for words when seeing six-month-old named Chikitta, the youngest orang utan at the nursery.

Under the two-year adoption programme, Katherine would be updated every six months of Bella's progress through pictures and latest news.

Sylvia hoped more from the younger generation will emulate Katherine's effort to spread awareness and do whatever they can to help the rehabilitation and conservation of the orang utan especially in Sepilok and Borneo generally.

"I can't express how much today means to me - accepting a beautiful gift from a little child with a big heart. Katherine has shown me that age and distance does not matter when you want to do something in life.

"For a nine-year-old child spending her time, standing in public while playing the violin to fundraise for the orang utans is something we ought to be proud of.

"I hope Katherine's spirit will enlighten others to contribute in their own humble ways towards the conservation of these beautiful animals - our orang utans! Indeed she has touched my heart," she said.

Katherine's family travel arrangement to the centre required the service of two tour companies particularly ABC Tours represented by Michela Biagioni and Naturalis represented by Luca Viola.

The companies went all out to assist Katherine realise her dream.

We are glad to be able to assist in creating awareness on the conservation efforts of the orang utan," said Biagioni and Viola.

Katherine Flint, Australia, 09 July 2011

Hi Len,

we came back from KK yesterday.
We had a great trip!

Everything went very well!
Your colleagues were very kind, helpful and ponctual.

Thanks a lot for the great organization and service provided.
Best regards

Daniel Sedelmaier, Germany, 04 July 2011

Dear Len

Thank you for your cooperation and hospitality. We have been extremle pleased by both programs

Best wishes


Alexey, Russian Federation, 20 June 2011

Hi Anne!

Thank you for arranging my Mt. Kinabalu climb and via ferrata-LPC. I had a really wonderful time up at the mountains. My guide was very helpful and I also met some really nice people during my trip. Attached are some of my photos.

I hope to visit the island again and see more of it.


Gillian Dunuan, Philippines, 06 June 2011

Hello Michela!

One more time thank you for all your help and support in Borneo! I really appreciate your attitude and professional skills. The overall, the trip was very succesfull for us and our clients were happy. Next time just arrange the sunrise wneh we are on top of Kinabalu…

I am sending some photos for you to enjoy or use on your web.

Have a great time!

Jan Hocek, Czech Republic, 18 May 2011

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