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Thank you very much for your help. It was a very good climb!


Pedro ZURITA-ZARAGOZA, Mexico, 27 October 2011

Hola Michela , bueno ya estoy de vuelta en mi pais , te mando estas lineas para decirte que todo estuvo muy bien organizado tanto el guia con excelente conocimiento y muy buen chofer , no tendre dudas para recomendarte , lo que si me gustaria darte una sugerencia , el circuito de visitas tanto de un dia como varios tendria que haber en la combi ( como me toco en otros paises que visite ) una heladera con agua , frutas y servilletas para limpiarze las manos por hacer tanto calor , creo que no es tan caro y no representa tanto dinero , gracias
atte : Luis

Luis Perrone, Argentina, 18 October 2011

Dear Anne

We are all back safely after an exhilarating journey into the Borneo Wilderness . The trip that was handle by your organization superb . You are on time , always gave the information wanted and even so detail to the finesse request . Please treasure this practise as good things can get faded away with times as the global getting older . Thank you for your assistance .

Apau Mudzaffar
BNM Staff Association

Apau Mudzaffar, Malaysia, 19 September 2011

Ciao Michela,

Il rientro è andato tutto bene, la vacanza tutto ok, anche per la tua programmazione accurata, tutte le coincidenze, gli alberghi, i Tours, sono andati bene. Saluti e se verremo ancora in Malesia ti contatterò sicuramente.

ciao Gianfranco

Gianfranco & Carla, Italy, 06 September 2011

Dear Michela,

thanks for your email. Everything went fine in Pom Pom Island. We loved it! The hexa villa was fantastic and we enjoyed the stay pretty much. Kuala Lumpur was either great. Pick up service and hotel room were fine.

Thanks for asking again and sorry that we write so late, but when we returned home, we had both a lot of stress in the jobs and to do a lot of things in our house. Three weeks were a long time!

We still think happily to our trip in Borneo. We will come definitly back!!! Thanks so much for the great organisation and your help in Kota Kinabalu. That was very nice! Thanks again!

All the best for you!

Sibylla & Philipp Schramm

Sibylla & Philipp Schramm, Germany, 02 September 2011

ciao cara Michela,
siamo rientrati stanotte a Firenze con l'immancabile nostalgia che segue la fine delle vacanze!!!!!ti ringraziamo tanto per la tua disponibilità e per il supporto che ci hai offerto in Malesya, sei stata gentilissima!!!!
ti volevo cmq confermare che tutto è andato per il meglio, siamo stati bene tutti e 3!!!!!
grazie di nuovo, speriamo un giorno di potersi incontrare in Borneo!!!!
un caro saluto

Elisa, Italy, 02 September 2011

Grande Michela !!!!
E’ andato tutto a meraviglia ….. i posti che abbiamo visitato sono STUPENDI e il MARE E’ VERAMENTE DA FAVOLA !!!!!
Qualche piccolo intoppo c’e’ stato ma ce la siamo cavata da soli … tu avevi fatto tutto correttamente … sono i Resort che sono un po’ “storditi” ….
Oggi è il primo giorno dopo il rientro e qui al lavoro è un casino … nei prossimi giorni se ti interessa ti scrivo un po’ di commenti sulle strutture, mare, trasporti etc. se ti puo’ essere utile …..
Grazie anche per quest’ultimo interessamento, che è stato molto apprezzato … Le agenzie qui in Italia dovrebbero imparare da voi …..
Giuseppe e Daniela , Italy

Giuseppe e Daniela, Italy, 02 September 2011

Dear Nattelim,

The parcel has arrived. Unfortunately the DHL people did not really handle with care therefore it was broken by the time it reached us. Oh well. I guess that is incentive to go back again.

I've referred your company referring specifically to yourself to two sets of friends who will be going over in the next few months. Hopfully they will contact you. I tried to do a good sell job for you.


Sau-Zu, Australia, 26 August 2011

Dear Michela,

What a fantastic trip. Thank you for all your help.


Charlotte Harris, United Kingdom, 23 August 2011

Hi, Mr Liew,

It was good to finally meet you in person after all these times. Trust the balance payments to you in cash are in order.

Just wanted to let you know that all went well with the arrangements for our trek and trip.
All 9 of us made it up to Low's peak on 8 Aug, and 5 of us completed the via ferrata. Anthony was most helpful during our climb and we appreciate all the help from him, Antonius and the 2 porters.

After doing the walk the torq via ferrata, some of us felt that we would want to come back to Mt Kiinabalu sometime to do the Low's peak via ferrata! We became more courageous after completing the walk the torq.

One of the drivers told one of our friends that there is another mountain near Mt Kinabalu that is available for trekking too. He said the mountain is the 2nd highest in Sabah (Mt Kinabalu being the highest), and that we would need to spend 1-2 nights in tents at the top of the mountain. He said it is a mountain we may like to consider trekking. Do you know of this mountain? If so, could you provide me with some information and advise if you are able to help us organise should we be interested?


Linda Teo, Singapore, 16 August 2011

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